Embrace the Abundance Mindset: Transform Your Life Beyond Wealth

Abundance often paints pictures of lavishness and wealth in our minds, but trueabundance extends far beyond the confines of material riches. Imagine the break ofdawn, stepping out for a refreshing morning jog, and being welcomed by nature’sopulence—the crisp morning breeze, a chorus of birds celebrating a new day, andthe vibrant tapestry of the natural world […]

Discover the Power of Synchronicity in Personal Development

In the intricate journey of life, every decision and experience is meticulously woven with intention, guiding us towards the profound phenomenon known as synchronicity. This concept, far from being a series of mere coincidences, represents the universe’s method of signaling that our innermost thoughts, desires, and aspirations are aligning with the external world. Such moments […]

Embrace the Dawn: Unlocking Your Morning with “The Happy Power Hour”

In the silence of the early morning, there’s a golden hour that holds the key to transforming our day from ordinary to extraordinary. It’s known as The Happy Power Hour, a cornerstone concept in “The Mindset Equation” that advocates dedicating the first hour of your day to activities that foster growth, clarity, and positivity. By […]

Authority Magazine: Sara Kissing Of The Mindset Equation On How Each Of Us Can Leverage The Power Of Gratitude To Improve Our Overall Mental Wellness

An Interview With Jake Frankel – https://bit.ly/3vu5And Mindful Reflection: Dedicating a few moments each day to reflect on what you’re thankful for can profoundly impact your outlook. I engage in this practice each morning, and evening, establishing a positive foundation for the day and nurturing a sense of gratitude. This practice isn’t limited to quiet […]

written by Podcast host: Amber Sandberg


Sara Kissing

Sara Kissing


A distinguished author, life coach, entrepreneur, and artist, stands out with her unique blend of artistic creativity and deep understanding of personal development. Born in Osnabrueck, Germany, Sara’s background in art and self-help has made her an influential voice in these spheres. Her corporate identity and brand coaching expertise were sharpened through her experiences in advertising agencies and the corporate sector.