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You’ve heard it’s possible to manifest your dream life. Yet, it’s not as easy as meditating your way to abundance. It may feel like everyone around you can deal with the overwhelm and stress of life’s changes, while you’re left directionless and struggling for meaning. When the challenges mount on your pathway to happiness, take the reins of your life with this powerful new guide.
More than a “think positive” book, The Mindset Equation presents the power of a positive mindset as a transformative tool to a fulfilling life. When our thoughts and intentions shape our reality, you need a comprehensive blueprint and clear, easy steps to re-energize your life with you in control. In this holistic growth guide, you’ll uncover the essential toolkit to shape your destiny.


Using her experiences and wisdom gained over the past 25 years, Sara is helping you to take back control of your life and consciously decide how you want to show up.

Stuck, overwhelmed or just unhappy?
Sara will guide you to change your mindset and become invincible when it comes to manifesting your dreams and live a happy life in abundance.

In times of high anxiety and stress you can easily feel overwhelmed. Sara shares her easy to use toolkit to transform you into the best version of yourself, so you can break free from fear and live to your fullest potential.

With the simple tools and techniques provided, you will effortlessly learn to:

◉ Cultivate a positive, joyful mindset and experience daily happiness, vitality, and resilience.
◉ Harness the essence of a positive mindset transformation, why it is crucial to strive for it and how you can leverage it to transform your life.
◉ Make an ally out of the Law of Attraction and use its interconnectedness to lead a life of abundance on your terms.
◉ Understand the complex impact of limiting and empowering beliefs and how to utilize manifestation for goal achievement.
◉ Develop your own holistic growth through giving back and observe the positive ripple effect you generate.
Through easy-to-digest concepts and covering topics like gratitude, energetic vibrations, journaling, goal setting, love, financial abundance and more, The Mindset Equation is like having a personal life coach at your fingertips. Take back your life and decide how you want to show up for yourself with the power of mindset behind you. The Mindset Equation will supercharge your path to the positive living that you have always envisioned.

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